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How should sellers improve their product page at an online B2B site to increase lead conversion?

 B2B portals are dedicated to help Businesses and factories grow online which actually helps them  to connect directly with other Businesses/Industries/Firms/Factories to buy & sell Indian and Imported Products and machineries at mind boggling rates and  helps buyers to connect with genuine industrial suppliers, manufacturers  and dealers of the respective businesses at the portal without extra cost involved.

At B2B online portal, you might have listed your business products , machineries, equipment and industrial products but In this digital era, you have so many competitors from across the nation that it becomes really difficult to improve the product pages at the B2B marketplace to increase the conversion rates for your online listed products.

With so much competition all around, you must have a sound business product description or product selling strategy to build a profitable business online at the portal. In easy meaning, B2B sales happen when a business sells their business or industrial products or services or machineries to another company. B2B suppliers provide a wide range of products and services at B2B portal to increase their sales in the digital portal.

On Indiabizzness B2B Ecommerce Platform, Sellers can easily sell any number of products, plants and machinery, While it is in production or in perfect working condition and can easily achieve maximum price from Indian verified Buyers from our portal quickly in easy steps. B2B portals are for all including Wholesalers, distributors, service providers and Manufacturers who sell to resellers.

To be customer-centric and sales oriented, sellers must find a balance between cost pricing of the products and market oriented pricing they must follow strategies and find out the middle costing for their products to increase their demand in the online portal. But do keep in mind the decided price should not undercut business profit too much or compromise on the quality as it is very important for sellers to increase their lead conversions.

Study reveals that earlier business strategy of being offline doesn't work much and  fact is that B2B eCommerce platform marketing strategies for suppliers, manufacturers, dealers, wholesalers, sellers, etc have changed in recent years. Not acceptable if your business is still not online and in a B2B portal yet, register your business products with the B2B ecommerce portal to get rise in the sale, don’t follow old, boring campaigns as it is time to be simple yet descriptive at the portal beside being waiting for customers to come to you, visit a B2B site and register your business asap to get trusted online deals. 

From reference: We read somewhere that As B2B brands have continued to embrace digital transformation, these businesses increasingly look like B2C companies (Source, Read here for more information:

Explore Business Directory of Trusted, Experienced & Verified suppliers, manufacturers, dealers, wholesalers, sellers from all over India here :

We assure you that you will surely get hired from in demand businesses and market leading opportunities at no extra cost.

We are here for you during this Crisis Time for all businesses.

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India needs to work together by using simple business platforms like

by connecting with each other.


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